How To Extract Essential Oils From Plants At Home

How to extract essential oils from plants is not as simple as you may think. Some plants are easier to extract than others. Some of them produce a few scents, some produce more fragrances, and some produce only a few drops of a very concentrated oil, and all of these can be extracted by using

What Essential Oils Should Be Avoided With High Blood Pressure?

What essential oils should be avoided with high blood pressure? A lot of them, as you’ll discover when you read this article. Essential oils can have side effects and reactions in the body, and they can even interact with medications to make them ineffective or even worse. They may even cause allergic reactions, which could

What Essential Oils Are Used to Clear Sinuses?

If you suffer from sinusitis then one of the most important things that you can learn is what essential oils are used to clear sinuses. This can be very important when you are trying to treat the condition. There are many different types of treatments and you will need to find what works for you.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Deodorant?

The title of this article “What Essential Oils Are Good For Deodorant” is based on my own experience using various aromatherapy products that contain the different essential oils. A few years ago, when I used certain natural products to keep my body clean, I asked myself what essential oils are good for deodorant. After learning

What Essential Oils Keep Bugs Away?

Many people wonder what essential oils keep bugs away from your home, and the simple answer is that they don’t. But the more complex answer is that there are a variety of things that these pests like, and not all of them are what you would consider “essential”. For example, peppermint oil is a very

What Essential Oils Are Good For Yeast Infection?

It is known that the yeast infection is a very common ailment among women. It is actually one of the most frequent ailments that women experience in their lives and a lot of remedies have already been developed to combat it. One of the most popular remedies is using certain essential oils. These essential oils

How Long Do Essential Oils Last in a Diffuser?

How long do essential oils last in a diffuser? This question has been asked and answered thousands of times throughout the history of aromatherapy. The simple answer is, “it depends”. As with most things in life, though, it is not that simple. Let’s take a closer look at this question and how essential oils work

What Essential Oils Are Good For Ticks?

Looking for information on what essential oils are good for ticks? Ticks carry viruses that can be harmful to your pet. They feed on the host animal’s blood and you would not want any of those viruses getting into your pet. Fortunately, there are several products out there that can help you on that end.

How To Make Sachets With Essential Oils

Learning how to make sachets with essential oils is a simple process that can be easily learned. It can also be a very enjoyable way to make gifts for friends and family. The process is simple enough that you could even learn how to make sachets on your own as you learn how to make