Shari Rice

There is a delicious dish called Shari Rice that originates in an area of Pakistan and is often referred to as the Pakistani Sausage. This dish is not at all related to the sausages we know elsewhere in the world. It is actually a dish that consists of a long thin, sweet lentil, which is

Waxing roller

A waxing roller is one of the more popular forms of waxing available in salons today. It is used for removing eyebrows and other areas of the body where excess hair has been removed through waxing or threading. This product is a mechanical form of waxing in which hot wax is pulled through a tube

Kinetic Sand

If you enjoy scrapbooking and are looking for a new and unique way to create your projects, try using kinetic sand! The best thing about kinetic sand is that it comes in a variety of different colors and textures to fit your style. You will never run out of options when it comes to how

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring silica-based, coarse translucent clay mineral that’s been finely crumbled to a fine white powder. It’s a particle size ranging from about 3 mu to over 100 mu, and typically up to 200 mu. Diatomaceous Earth can be found in a variety of habitats from marine and freshwater to terrestrial,

Wax warmer

A wax warmer is a small electrical warmer which melts a wax or scented wax in order to release its fragrance. The wax warmer usually displayed is designed to be use with votive candles or other candles in smaller cups, and not with taper candles or larger candles without containers big enough to accommodate the

Gofio was first an important ingredient in Italian cooking for many years

Gofio is not a new type of flour made out of roasting grains or other fibrous starchy vegetables, but rather, a type of Italian flour made from roasted grains or unfermented soybeans. Gofio was first an important ingredient in Italian cooking for many years, and later, Canalian emigrants brought it to the Caribbean and other

Skrei is an attractive fish that is often served as food

Skrei is an attractive fish that is often served as food or a gift in restaurants. It is popular in Eastern Europe and Asia, but these days it has also spread to parts of North America. The Atlantic sure is an eel-like benthopelagous fish of the genus Skarpon that lives in the cold waters of


Have you ever heard of Sucrestere? You must have surely heard about the so-called miracle pill, but did you know that this product is just as effective as Viagra, Penis enhancement and Cialis? Even better than them! Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients of Sucrestere. Are there really any animal ingredients in it?


If you read the labels of most nutritional supplements, you may be forgiven for thinking that they’re all the same. The common claim is that the more natural the supplement, the better. That’s not entirely true, though. Vitamin E alone is not a nutrient in its own right.   Tocotrienols are a group of organic

Tzedek, tzatziki, or taru

Tzedek, tzatziki, or taru is a traditional Greek soup, dip, or sauce typically found in the foods of Southeast Europe and the Middle East. It’s usually made from strained yogurt, cucumbers, ginger, salt, marinated olive oil, often with vinegar or lemons, herbs like dill, Rosemary, thyme, and licorice, and other ingredients including herbs like basil,