What Essential Oils Keep Bugs Away?

what essential oils keep bugs away

Many people wonder what essential oils keep bugs away from your home, and the simple answer is that they don’t. But the more complex answer is that there are a variety of things that these pests like, and not all of them are what you would consider “essential”. For example, peppermint oil is a very powerful antiseptic that will certainly repel many types of insects, but it won’t kill them. But it can still help to keep the things in your home safe and dry.


What essential oils should you use to repel insects? Consider the types of insects, you tend to attract when you have a problem. For example, some insects, such as carpenter ants, are simply attracted to wood. Other insects are more rotational: they travel around looking for food to eat, then they sit on dead tree parts. Then there are those who enjoy the smell of spicy oils, and enjoy wandering in dark, humid areas.


You need to choose specific types of these oils to use as a bug repellent. A good rule of thumb is that the stronger the scent, the less likely it will be absorbed by the skin and the more likely it will remain on surfaces long enough for the repellent to work. There are several different kinds of bug repellents that are sold, and the one that works best for you will depend on the environment, your particular bug problems, and the frequency of use. The stronger scents will be more potent, and they may last longer before wearing off. Be aware that strong scents, such as citronella oil or lemon grass oil, can actually repel certain kinds of insects as well.


Another question often asked is what essential oils keep bugs away from my home. While many people do not have serious insect problems, some do, and using specific scents on doors and windows can help. Lavender oil is often recommended, but it is also effective against dust mites. Pine bark is another natural option. Basil oil is effective against cockroaches, and cedar leaves can repel moths and other pests.


Some companies make synthetic alternatives to the essential oils that are used for repelling insects. It is easy to find them, but they should not be used if you have an existing pest problem. They are more expensive than the natural repellents, but they tend to last much longer. Still, you need to make sure that they do not contain ingredients that could be toxic to pets or children. You should test them before you put them around any children.


In addition to what essential oils keep bugs away, there are a few plants that you should be keeping away from as well. Plants that attract mosquitoes and other pests are mint, Cayenne, chili peppers, citrus fruits, lemons, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cucumbers. Stay away from tomatoes, because they will always be in demand by the bugs in your garden. Stay away from citrus fruits, because they can make your skin dry. Garlic and onions can also cause skin issues. Do your best to exterminate anything that may be drawing in insects.


What essential oils keep bugs away also includes certain types of wood. Pine cones and junipers are the most common ones that people purchase to repel insects, but not all woods work equally well. If you are considering using pine cones or junipers around your yard, wait until it has rained before you put them out. These types of items draw in moisture and can cause damage to paint and trim.


If you are looking for what essential oils keep bugs away, remember to pick natural products. They are safer options than many of the chemical alternatives that are available. If you decide that you want to use synthetic products, make sure that you research them carefully. Test the oil on a small patch of skin before applying it to your lawn. Make sure that you follow all of these tips to keep bugs at bay!