What Essential Oils Are Good For Toenail Fungus?

what essential oils are good for toenail fungus

It is not a secret that there are a wide variety of different kinds of things which are used in homes for purposes which have not been thought of as being very helpful to people with certain kinds of health conditions. The same is true when it comes to essential oils and the treatment of toenail fungus. These two things have been thought of as belonging on different ends of the spectrum but are actually one in the same. In this article, we will take a quick look at what essential oils are good for toenail fungus and what you should do when you find one that is working for you. By the time you finish this article, you will know whether or not applying an essential oil for toenail fungus is something that you should consider doing on your own.


In the world of natural home remedies, many of these types of things are considered to be “folk medicine.” This means that they are thought to work because of their “folk” or” grandmother’s” wisdom. Most of the time, the results that come from using these kinds of treatments are not tested and/or researched by outside parties, so there is always the risk that they could have some sort of negative side effect. But when it comes to essential oils, they are considered to be completely safe, and so are able to provide some real benefits when it comes to the treatment of certain health issues.


Let’s take a look at what some essential oils can help with when it comes to nail fungus. Tea tree oil has been found to be extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of nail fungal infections. There have even been reports of complete cures from using tea tree oil. Unfortunately, there are no studies which have been done comparing tea tree oil with other essential oils, but there is enough evidence out there which strongly suggests that it could be very effective in the treatment of nail infections.


Lavender is another one of the “folk medicines” that people use. Lavender essential oils are also known to be effective when it comes to getting rid of nail fungus. As with tea tree oil, there are no tests or research which have been done comparing the effectiveness of lavender with other essential oils. However, many people do report that lavender has helped them cure their infection(s). Of course, it’s difficult to say whether or not this was due to the actual essential oil, or if it was because the person was simply more comfortable using lavender oil than alternative treatments, such as antibiotics.


There are several essential oils that are used for aromatherapy, and again there’s not much scientific research to suggest they’re any more effective than the others. However, many people who use aromatherapy to treat ailments feel that lavender oil is effective for this purpose. Perhaps it’s because it’s so fragrant. Perhaps it has something to do with its high concentration in the essential oil family. Who knows?


The essential oil that I’ve personally used most successfully for toenail fungus is Tea Tree oil. It’s relatively new, and it hasn’t been found to be as effective as some of the more traditional essential oils. Still, a few bottles of Tea Tree oil have managed to survive the years and continue to be sold. And there are those who swear by it. The thing with essential oils is that there isn’t a perfect test to say whether or not they’ll work – you just have to trust your own intuition about something like this.


You can use them on their own or you can take pills, lotions and ointments and use them orally, or you can put them directly on the infected area. The truth is that the best way to treat an infection like this is to kill off all of the infected cells and allow the body to replace them quickly with healthy cells. If you don’t want to wait that long, then essential oils are probably not what you should be using to treat your toenail fungus. For more information, read about essential oil use for fungal nail infections.


As far as what essential oils are good for toenail fungus, there are only two primary ones that I can think of right now. It’s important to remember that these “essential oils” are derived from plants and therefore may not be completely safe to use around children, animals and insects. Rosemary essential oil has proven to be relatively safe for human application, but there have been very few studies involving children and products made from Rosemary. Lavender essential oil has proven to be safe, but there haven’t been any studies comparing it with other essential oils. Regardless, however, keep in mind that these two essential oils are probably the safest ones to use on your feet. Just make sure that they aren’t being applied to a wound or other area that could become contaminated.