What Essential Oils Are Good For Sunburns?

As a child you would hear your parents tell you what essential oils are good for sunburns, and how they should be avoided or used sparingly. This information wasn’t always well-known or understood, and the fact that they were often only used on a temporary basis didn’t help. Now, however, there is more awareness of the benefits of these natural substances, and many manufacturers are making them available in sunscreens and other forms. Here are some of what essential oils are good for sunburns, and when you should use them.

what essential oils are good for sunburns


Lavender is one of what essential oils are good for sunburns because it soothes the skin. The fragrances in lavender have been known to calm and relax the skin, and are excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. Because of their sedative qualities, they are often used in massage therapy to relieve tension, but they can also be useful when applied directly to the skin. Apply a small amount directly to your burns each day, especially after prolonged exposure to sunlight, and you’ll find that they help to soothe and heal. If you have an ongoing problem with stress, try applying a little lavender essential oil to your skin at night, or take a short walk in the early morning.


Peppermint is another popular choice, and it has the added benefit of being antibacterial. Antibacterial soaps are often used to treat sunburns, but using pure peppermint when you bathe can help eliminate bacteria that could be responsible for your sunburns. Like lavender, use pure peppermint when you apply to your skin, and you’ll find it helps to soothe and heal your discomfort. If you’re already experiencing an outbreak of sunburns, you can dilute the peppermint essential oil in water and apply that to your area of sunburn.


Bergamot is another great choice for sunburn remedies. This essential oil has been widely used for years and is still one of the best choices for treating and soothing sunburns. You can use a simple mixture of pure Bergamot oil and warm water to create a facial mask that can be used daily. You’ll find that it can be helpful in healing existing burns as well. The oil is also very effective at stopping the growth of bacteria on your skin, which makes it great for preventing future outbreaks.


Clove is one of the most popular of all oils used for sunburns. Known as “The Fixative” by Native Americans, clove oil works wonders at killing germs, including viruses and bacteria. Because it has antibacterial properties, you can use a small amount to clean and treat sunburns when you aren’t using any other treatments.


Chamomile is one of the most soothing ingredients you can use for sunburn relief. Its antiseptic properties help to get rid of the burning sensation, and it will soothe your skin from any discomfort caused by the sunburn. You can even use chamomile tea as a great way to treat your sunburn. Chamomile tea is a great way to soothe your skin and help it heal quickly.


When you’re looking for a good treatment for sunburns, try one or two of these three essential oils. There’s no reason why you can’t use all three oils, but you may want to experiment with each. Some people find that they respond differently to each of the oils. Try each of the essential oils separately for a few weeks. Once you find a combination you like, you can use it consistently until your skin has stopped reacting to the sun in any way. Just be sure to use any combination of oils that are good for healing and soothing the skin.


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