What Are the Best Places to Put Essential Oils on Body?

One of the best places to put essential oils on the body for maximum benefits is right under your breasts. Believe it or not, this is very beneficial and very natural. The best place to put essential oils on the body for maximum benefits is right under your breasts. This is because your body can

How Can You Add Essential Oils to Steam Mop?

Adding essential oils to your steam mop is a great way to create your own home therapy. Essential oils are those that you can add to make a better environment for healing. There are different essential oils you can add to your steam mop. The combinations of the essential oils can vary from using just

What Essential Oils Are Antifungal?

What essential oils are antifungal? Most of the essential oils used for aromatherapy have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make them suitable for treating fungal skin infections. If you’ve ever used a bath or a facial scrub and had problems with itching, then one of the essential oils to look for is lavender.

Can You Use Essential Oils As Perfume?

If you are looking for an all purpose essential oil that can be used for perfuming, cleaning, cooking and other household uses then you should know that essential oils come in many varieties. There are some essential oils that are highly concentrated while there are some that have a low concentration and others that are

Antiviral Essential Oils For Cleaning

In this article we will be discussing the application of antiviral essential oils for cleaning and how it can be an effective natural remedy. We have already learned that essential oils have healing properties, and these properties come from their source, which is in the plant kingdom, the Lavaceae orae. The oils come from a

The Benefits of Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil

The benefits of Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil are numerous. This all-natural oil is extracted from the heartwood of a cedar tree, and unlike any other essential oils, it can be used by both men and women regardless of their age and gender. It is a very effective antiseptic, an antibacterial agent, analgesic, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory

Best Substitute For Rosemary Essential Oil

The best substitute for Rosemary essential oil is cedar. There are two or three reasons for this. First, the essential fatty acids that Rosemary contains are rather large molecules that don’t readily diffuse throughout the oil. Second, the aromatic compounds contained in Rosemary are rather volatile, making distillation difficult and time consuming.   Rosemary is

Can You Mix Rogaine With Essential Oils?

Can you mix Rogaine with essential oils? This is a question that many people with baldness wonder about. It’s not as easy as one might think to incorporate oral remedies with topical ones. Yet it is possible to get the best of both worlds when it comes to fighting baldness and stimulating the growth of

How To Make Sachets With Essential Oils

Learning how to make sachets with essential oils is a simple process that can be easily learned. It can also be a very enjoyable way to make gifts for friends and family. The process is simple enough that you could even learn how to make sachets on your own as you learn how to make