Incense With Essential Oils – Easy Tips For Creating Your Own

Learning how to make incense with essential oils is an enjoyable activity for those interested in religion and spirituality. It’s easy to do, and requires little effort or expense. You can also make your own incense, if you wish. In this article, we will explore the basics of how to make your own home made incense. The first step is to choose your favorite essential oil. Use these tips to choose the right one for you.

how to make incense with essential oils


When you have decided what you would like to use your new homemade incense with, you need to choose one of several good essential oils. Pick a blend that appeals to you, and that has a reputation for having quality. In order to be certain you are choosing a high quality blend, read through the reviews left by previous users. You can learn a lot by how users describe a specific essential oil.


Next, choose your carrier oil. Carrier oils help the aromas from your chosen essential oils to permeate into the air. They must, of course, be made specifically for that purpose. Some common carrier oils are rosehip, lemon, jojoba, and coconut. If you cannot find a specific carrier oil, use rose hip seed oil or sweet almond oil. Both of these oils are readily available at health food stores.


Finally, choose your grinding stone. Grinding your own incense will allow you to control the strength, depth, and quality of your own creation. The method you choose depends on how you want your finished product to smell. For example, coarse grinders create a warm, spicy scent; finer grinders produce a woodsy, earthy aroma. Some people prefer their incense to be less noticeable; others want it to completely cover their body; still others like their incense to seep through their skin.


Be careful how and where you use your essential oils. Incense can irritate your eyes, ears, and skin. Never mix them with other products such as lotions, makeup, or shaving cream. Essential oils should always be diluted before applying to skin.


You can also purchase ready-made mixes that include various types of essential oils. If you have a need for a specific scent, such as lavender, you can purchase a ready-made mix that includes only the flowers, rather than the tree. However, if you have a specific plant in mind, it might be easier to grow your own herbs and incense. This how to make incense with essential oils guide will show you how to grow your own herbs.


To begin, select your plants and their favorite climate. Choose a location with good drainage and not too much shade. Make sure you mulch the plants to keep soil moisture at a minimum. Your plants should start to flower within two years.


Now it’s time to start learning how to make your own incense. Purchase your herbs and incense blends at your local craft store or online. Make sure you read up on making your own incense before you start. You may also want to visit your local library for more books, magazines, and other resources that will help you.


Once you have your essential oils, choose your plants. They don’t have to be related to herbs. Lemongrass, passion fruit, and even orange peels are beautiful additions to your arrangement. Incense lovers will find making your own aromatherapy essential oils interesting and addicting. If you’re making your own from scratch, it might even be worth your while to purchase an aromatherapy book. Some of the materials needed for making your own are: baking soda, fresh herbs, coconut oil, and floral fragrances.


It’s easy to follow these steps, but it does take some effort. If you have never done it before, it’s a good idea to purchase an instructional book so that you can get started right away. The last thing you want to do is throw away all of your precious ingredients before you even try to make a batch of essential oils.


Once you know how to make incense with essential oils, you will begin to see how wonderful they can be. In fact, you may even enjoy making your own aromatherapy essential oils more than you enjoy the uses of commercial, aromatherapy products. You can use them to scent your home, add them to bathwater, and even burn them. It really doesn’t matter what form of inhalation you use because the oils are designed for deep inhalation only.


If you are looking for how to make incense with essential oils, the best resources are books, websites, and magazines. One resource that has all of the answers you could possibly need is The Complete Guide to Oils. This book was written by Dr. Alfred Sung, an internationally recognized alternative health specialist. If you are serious about learning how to make incense with essential oils, this book is definitely a must have for your library. It’s available as an e-book download in its entirety or in various downloadable portions.