How To Make A Homemade Distiller For Essential Oils

how to make a homemade distiller for essential oils

Looking for how to make a homemade distiller for essential oils? There are a number of great reasons to do so. One is the expense associated with purchasing one of these devices. The best ones can be several thousand dollars, and that’s just the start. In addition, they tend to be rather large and complex pieces of machinery, and in most cases, it would be very difficult to even partially disassemble and put together without assistance.


For those of us who have decided to take matters into our own hands, we have several options. We can choose to assemble one ourselves from spare parts lying around the house. While this will certainly work, it is also the kind of project that will require some special equipment and skills. If you want something that is a bit easier on your back, here are some tips to help you get started.


Be sure that you have all of the materials in advance. This means that you should have either a boiling pot or a double boiler. It does not really matter which you end up using as long as both of them come from the same place and are used properly.


The second part of getting started is actually assembling the homemade distiller itself. This can usually be done without the use of tools. You will need a stainless steel pot and a funnel to fit it. It is important that it is large enough to fit all of the necessary components. Having something too small to fit can lead to malfunctioning, so be sure that it is big enough.


Be careful when disassembling them. Some pieces require you to stick them in an oven at a low temperature. While this can be helpful, you should avoid it unless you are certain that your pot will remain undamaged while you heat it up. Glass can break if you heat it to high temperatures, but you will find that most metal pieces will remain intact. Just be careful not to burn yourself.


Once you have all of your materials assembled, you should be ready to learn how to make a homemade distiller for essential oils. You will need a few glass jars with lids, a funnel, a metal bowl, and some olive oil. These items can be found at any health food store.


Put the stainless steel pot in the bottom of the bowl, and then grab your funnel. Take about three-eighths of a cup of olive oil, and pour it into the middle of the stainless steel container. Insert the lid and shake. Do this process several times, until the oil begins to evaporate.


The next step is easy – after shaking, turn the stove off, and put the bowl in the refrigerator. It will cool down, and you will find that it can be used as usual. This homemade distiller for essential oils is just one of the many ways that you can prepare natural essential oils for your own home use. If you do a little searching, you will discover many other interesting and beneficial projects.


When looking for a good distiller, you need to pay attention to several things. First, you want a device that is made of quality material, and which will allow you to produce quality essential oils. Some distillers simply do not work very well and are designed more for cosmetic purposes than for actually producing potent and pure oils.


You can get a very nice distiller for under two hundred dollars. There are other homemade distillers that may cost several thousand dollars, but they have better technology, and higher quality components. For basic purposes, a less expensive homemade distiller is probably all you need.


How to make a homemade distiller for essential oils is very easy, once you have the materials. It is best to choose a sturdy, solid unit that will stand up to frequent use. Look for reviews of these types of units, so that you know whether or not they work as well as people say they do. If you do not know anyone who uses one of these devices, try reading online reviews.


Finally, how to make a homemade distiller for essential oils is really not that hard. The real secret is in the quality of the ingredients you use. By using high quality oils, and distillation methods, you will be able to make your own pure, natural oil that you can use to massage your skin, massage your hair, and even just dab on your food. There really is no end to the wonderful things you can do with essential oils.