How to Dissolve Essential Oils in Water Safely

Learning how to dissolve essential oils in water will help you use the oil in question with more care. Most oils are extracted with the aid of a solvent, such as acetone or ethanol. The problem with these solvents is that they leave behind a chemical residue in the water. This residue may make the oil ineffective. It may even result in damage to the skin and even cause it to become rancid. When learning how to dissolve essential oils in water, it is important to make sure you take all precautions first.

how to dissolve essential oils in water


However, some types of essential oils do not work well with water. For example, tea tree oil is highly volatile and can easily evaporate into the air. This makes it unsafe for direct application to the skin. Many people prefer to use carrier oils instead.


A good carrier oil is jojoba oil. It has an aroma that many people find pleasant. While it does not evaporate easily, it works by slowing down the evaporation process, which allows the essential oil to sink to the bottom of the container. If you have a quality carrier oil, it will be less likely to leave a greasy residue in the water.


You can also try carrier oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil. These oils are also highly volatile, but they have much less of an impact on the water. They will take much longer to evaporate. Some people choose to dilute the oil before applying it to the water. However, if you do so, you must keep careful watch over the mixture as it may result in excessive evaporation.


If you are looking for how to dissolve essential oils in water safely and easily, try using grapefruit seed extract. This ingredient is very high in Vitamin C and has a soothing effect on many skin issues. When used in the right amount and concentration, it can make many common ailments go away. This ingredient is often sold in health food stores.


If you have a difficult time finding quality essential oils, you can purchase them online. Many companies sell them in blends or in single items, at a reasonable price. When buying online, always check for the fragrance amount. The more fragrance you put into the bottle, the stronger the smell will be.


Most products sell for around 20% of what they cost in the store. If you are looking for how to dissolve essential oils in water safely and easily, look for multi-ingredient products that use a variety of oils in their formulation. These can range from rosewood, lavender, jasmine and other scents to name a few. Just be careful not to use too much, or any one of the ingredients may overwhelm the rest.


Another way how to dissolve essential oils in water is to add the oils to water, or pour it into a container and steep for a few minutes. This can also work, but take care not to let it steep for longer than a minute. Letting it steep will result in a stronger scent and a stronger smell in your home. Adding a few drops of essential oil to your bath water can give you a pleasant aroma and refreshing feeling.


Using baking soda is another way how to dissolve essential oils in water safely and easily. To use this method, pour the water into a bowl and add a teaspoonful of baking soda. Stir to mix the powder and then add it to the water. For the best effect, add about two to three times as much baking soda as you think is necessary for the water.


A third method on how to dissolve essential oils in water involves using grapefruit. This can be done by taking a half-ounce of grapefruit, leaving it out in the open and overnight. The next morning, using a cotton ball, remove the scent and rinse the area. Add fresh grapefruits to the mixture and then sit overnight. In the morning, take a fresh towel and wipe the grapefruit area, which should smell as fresh as the day was long ago.


There are many other ways on how to dissolve essential oils in water, but these three will get you started on how to get the oil out. Next, check with an aromatherapy book or library for more information on these methods or any others that you may find helpful. You don’t have to live with that bitter taste from your extracted oil, which can make the healing process that much easier.