How Much Essential Oil to Add to Soy Candles is the Right Amount?

how much essential oil to add to soy candles

The answer to the question, “How much essential oil to add to soy candles?” depends on the type of candle you are making. It will also vary depending on how much fragrances you plan to add. There are candles out there that only have a few drops of oil, but these tend to be lower quality than the more elaborate soy-based candles. Here are some guidelines that will help you to know how much of the essential oil to add.


Candles, just like any other natural substance, can have varying levels of fragrances in them. If you are making a candle simply to give someone a nice scent, you may not need a whole lot. If you are using one of these candles for an aromatherapy candle, however, you may want to go with some of the highest quality oils you can find. Fragrance oils can make a candle last longer and give it a stronger aroma, but many of them are also very expensive.


For the most part, it’s best to stick with the cheaper oils when figuring out how much essential oil to add to soy candles. You will be able to find these in craft stores and they can cost just a few dollars. These types of candles will last for a long time and you do not need to replace the wick often. If you want to use a cheaper scent, these might be a good choice, especially if you are making your candles for a local healer or healing enthusiast.


If you are making a more expensive candle, such as one that has a very strong fragrance, then it’s wise to consider adding a bit more oil. Even if the scent is subtle, you are going to want to cover it up with another less expensive oil. Some of these scents can be very powerful and you don’t want to overdo it by using too much of it. Once you get used to making candles with essential oils, you may find that you enjoy making more expensive candles because of the variety of essential oils that you can include.


There are some good, simple ways of telling if a candle is too weak or too strong. A weak fragrance will not linger as long as a stronger oil. Also, soy candles that burn slowly tend to have stronger scents, even though the wax may be thinner. If you are new to making soy candles, this may take a while until you figure it out. You can experiment by making a few test candles to see how each oil changes the burn time and thickness.


Once you know how much essential oil to add to soy candles, you’ll need to figure out a method of adding them to your candle. Most candles have a wick, which spreads the wick out and makes it easier to spread the wax. However, candles without wicks can also be made with wax cubes or chunks, which often make the process of spreading easier.


Essential or fragrance oils are added to a wick through a drip system. To add the oils to the wick, simply take a few drops of the oil from the container and place it inside the wick. Next, the wick is placed into the candle mold, which adds the essential oil to the center of the wick. You then pull the mold off of the candle and gently press the wick into the bottom of the mold, creating a tight seal around the base of the candle. Finally, the mold is removed and the candle is placed in a container for storage.


As you can see, learning how much essential oil to add to soy candles is not difficult at all. If you are making your first candles, you will want to begin by adding a small amount of oil, which gives the wick a scent and allows it to burn more slowly. As you become more experienced and your burn times improve, you can increase the amount of oil that you use, but always keep in mind how much you are adding to prevent burning your candle out completely. Enjoy your new hobby, creating soy candles, and remember to follow safety precautions as you do it!