How Diffusers Can Make Your Plants Grow Faster and Stronger

are essential oil diffusers good for plants

Are essential oil diffusers good for plants? Many people have been confronted with this question, and some even wonder if they are “real” or not. It seems to be a debate that continues to rage. Some people claim that essential oils are natural “cures” for a variety of ailments. Other people, however, are concerned about the actual health effects of the products themselves, especially if there are any health concerns at all.


The answer to the question are essential oil diffusers good for plants depends largely on how you look at it. While the oil extracted from plants may be natural, there are many different types of these oils, and they come in many different varieties as well. These oils are also commonly referred to as aromatic, aromatherapy, botanical or herbal. Just as each term has its own definition, the answer to the question are essential oil diffusers good for plants also varies.


Let’s first take a look at some of the more popular essential oils used in aromatherapy. One of the most popular is Jasmine, a popular flower used in many oriental dishes, and sometimes used in place of rose petals in floral arrangements. Eucalyptus, a common tree found growing wild across Australia, is another popular choice. Lavender is often associated with meditation and relaxation and is often used in bathtubs, spas and other indoor applications. Lemon is another popular scent, although it is less widely used in home applications. All of these essential oils are plant-based and have been found to be effective when used properly, which leads many to believe that they are “essential” oils and therefore are good for plants.


But our essential oil diffusers good for plants? They may contain essential oils, but are they pure, undiluted oils? Some of them may have small amounts of plant material in the waxes or waxy resins used to release the aroma, but this is not always the case. Often essential oils are heated during the manufacturing process, and there is a lot of plant matter in these tiny bubbles. These bubbles are released through a heating element which can sometimes crack the oil molecules into smaller particles, making them less bio-available to the consumer.


A better question to ask might be, are essential oil diffusers good for plants because they do not heat them, or alter the nature of the compounds in them? While some heating is necessary to change the nature of essential oils, heat is not the only way by which a plant could be affected. In fact, in most cases heating is not required at all. In many cases diffusers release oils into the air and can actually be used as a means of introducing oil to the air without heating it first. They are also much less expensive than other means of introducing essential oils to the environment.


In some cases essential oils are even used to help plants grow, and this is very beneficial to both the environment and the plants themselves. The plants are healthier because they are receiving an extra source of nutrition, and they are able to grow much faster because of the extra energy source. This extra energy supply is in essence an essential oil and can be used to boost growth, promote development, and protect the plants from harsh environmental conditions. The nature of the plant is not harmed at all – only the essential oil is diluted with the air and dispersed throughout the environment.


These are three important questions that people are often wondering about when it comes to using essential oil diffusers. It can be quite difficult to answer the question “do essential oil diffusers good for plants?” However, if you understand the benefits of diffusers in general, and what they are used for, you will be better able to answer this question for yourself.


You should be careful about the environment in which you use essential oil diffusers. Do not leave them near plants or bushes where they may be in danger of an oil spill. When choosing diffusers, it is best to choose one that has a long cord so that you are not tempted to leave it on for hours on end. Always make sure that you are fully charged before you leave your house in order to give yourself the best chance of using your diffuser effectively.