Cedarwood Essential Oil – Spiritual Benefits For The Body And Mind

Cedar is a species of shrub commonly found in North America. The scientific name for cedar tree is Cheeriosides latifolia. The leaves of the cedar tree are dark green and glossy. The bark of the cedar tree has a sticky quality when cracked. The scent of cedarwood is sweet, spicy and long lasting. Below you will learn some of the interesting benefits of cedarwood essential oil.

cedarwood essential oil spiritual benefits


Cedar’s healing and restorative properties are seen throughout history. It is used as incense by Native American tribes. There are many cedarwood essential oil uses including respiratory problems like asthma and sinusitis.


You will also find cedar applied to the skin to help alleviate burns, insect bites and other skin irritations. Another popular cedarwood use is to soothe minor upset stomachs and digestive problems. Applying cedar oil on your chest and stomach has been known to ease gastrointestinal pain. The benefits don’t end there. Applying cedar to the skin and hair can produce beautiful results.


A light scent is produced by applying cedarwood essential oil to the scalp. People with dandruff may benefit from this oil. If you apply cedarwood to your hair, it can produce a silky feel. It can smooth out curls and create a smooth effect on the hair. For a completely clean feel, you can add water to the mixture.


One of the most interesting spiritual benefits of cedar is the ability to induce dreams. Many people who dream often have reported that they are driven to sleep by cedar. When cedar is vaporized or poured into a room, you will often find yourself in a mystical place. This can be an excellent way to induce a good dream.


Another cedarwood essential oil that can be used for spiritual purposes is sandalwood oil. Sandalwood is a traditional Chinese wood. It is found in high quality jewelry and candles. When using cedarwood to scent a room, remember to wear it down the hair line. This will not cause damage to the scalp. Just a few drops of cedar oil added to the hair will make the experience pleasant.


People who suffer from insomnia can benefit from a cedarwood essential oil. A couple of drops of cedarwood oil on a cotton ball placed near the pillow will help to relax you. Stress and tension can create insomnia. If insomnia is a problem for you, adding a few drops of cedarwood essential oil to the cotton ball will put you in a relaxed state of mind.


As you can see, cedar has many beneficial qualities. It has a relaxing, spiritual, and healthful effect. One of the reasons why cedarwood makes such a great addition to spiritual and household aromatherapy is because it is both antibacterial and antiseptic. Combine these two things and you have pure healing power.


Many people use cedar in their homes to repel moths. There are cedar granules available in stores where you can purchase cedar in the cedarwood essential oil form. Simply apply the granules around your bed, mattress, and any other place where you can feel the bite of moths. The cedar granules do not carry the scent of the cedar wood, so you do not need to worry about being overpowered by it. If the scent is too overpowering then simply throw the granules away. They have very little scent.


You may be wondering what cedarwood essential oil has spiritual benefits for. Cedar has a long history of being a spiritual healer. It has been used to heal burns and infections for many centuries. Today, cedar is widely used in spiritual and massage practices all over the world. Research into the history of cedar shows that it had many beneficial qualities in it that would make it a good healing oil.


One of the main things that research has shown us is the ability to help the body to heal itself. Because cedar has antibacterial properties, it can be used in places that are very moist and possibly infected with disease causing bacteria. By using cedar oil on the affected areas regularly it is possible to help eradicate disease from the area. The oil has also been found to be very soothing when applied to the skin.


As you can see there are many benefits of cedarwood essential oil. If you use cedar in the places that you care about then you will be providing for their well being and spiritual growth. Before buying cedarwood essential oil you should look for information on how to use it in a safe way.