Are Essential Oils Sold Over the Counter?

are essential oils fda regulated

Are Essential Oils FDA Regulated? The U.S Food and Drug Administration, the government’s health and medical safety agency, are the sole regulator of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care and food. Other cosmetics and personal care companies are not governed by the FDA; however they are required to comply with the requirements of the FDA.


Why are essential oils FDA regulated? There are a variety of reasons. Because they have both medical and cosmetic activity, they are considered drugs. This means that they have to go through an FDA approval process just like all drugs. They have to show that they are safe for use; they have to be tested for effects and purity, and they must follow dosing instructions.


How are essential oils FDA regulated? The FDA does require that companies test their oils for purity and potency before releasing them for human consumption. However, in addition to the testing program, the company is also required to file reports every six months with the FDA stating how their oils are used, what chemicals were used, and any health claims made about the products. It is important for the manufacturer of essential oils to understand exactly what is required of them.


So, why are essential oils considered natural medicines? They are. Many of the ingredients in popular essential oils have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Basil, eucalyptus, pine, Rosemary, thyme, lavender, and lemon. Even today, many of these plant oils are used in oils to help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Can you get essential oils over the counter? Yes, you can buy essential oils from most major retailers that carry cosmetics, but they are not considered natural medicines. They are not FDA regulated, and there is no way of ensuring that they are safe.


Where can you buy essential oils? A great place to start looking is on the internet. There are a wide variety of websites that sell essential oils and make no effort to hide the information. In addition to the major retailers, websites for small businesses that specialize in natural products are also very popular. Websites are especially good if you are looking for therapeutic herbs or other specialty oils.


Why are they regulated? Most of the essential oils sold on the open market are not regulated. This means that anyone can buy them, even if they do not need professional medical advice to purchase them. They are not required to be held to federal safety standards either. For this reason, buyers need to know that the oils are safe and will not do them harm. It is important to realize that the FDA does not regulate them at all.


The benefits of using natural, therapeutic oils are well documented but do not let that fool you. When you are purchasing an essential oil product, it is important to look into the source of the oil to ensure that it is actually coming from a natural, pure source. If it comes from a factory, that alone may be enough to give you cause for concern.


Even though the regulations are not as stringent as they were in the past, the FDA does approve some of the oils that are considered therapeutic for use. Natural oils are not approved for use by all health conditions. They are approved mainly for use by people who are experiencing chronic illnesses.


There are many therapeutic uses for these types of oils. They are used to treat a wide variety of health conditions. If you have a condition like arthritis, asthma, cancer or soreness, you can benefit from using a few drops of these oils each day. Many people also use these oils to help soothe their skin. The oils are not ingested. They are applied topically to the skin.


As an alternative to prescription medications, therapeutic oils are becoming more widely used in the treatment of many health problems. There are oils available that are said to have anti-viral properties, anti-fungal properties and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also said to be able to slow or even reverse the signs of aging. Since the oils are considered natural, they are not subject to the same FDA regulations as pharmaceuticals are.


Although there are not many regulations regarding the sale of aromatherapy products, it is still best to check with your local state health department to see what the law in your area is. This will help you make sure that you are buying only FDA regulated products. Since there are no regulations governing the sale of pure essential oils, it is important to make sure that you are buying them from a reputable dealer. A good dealer will be more likely to offer you a consistent supply of high quality oils.